Mistral XM-L2 technical dive light with heating port

Mistral XM-L2

Delivering breakthrough lumen output and efficacy in the XM package, the XLamp® XM-L2 LED is the highest-performing, commercially-available, single-die LED. Built on the SC³ Technology Platform, the Xlamp XM-L2 LED delivers up to 20% more lumens and lumens-per-watt and double the lumens-per-dollar of the original XM-L. The XM-L2 LED offers the unique combination of high efficacy and high lumen output at high drive currents.

        • Max. power 10 W
        • Max. light output 1198 lm
        • Color temperature 6500 K
        • High quality TIR optics
        • FWHM 4,9°

    • Aerospace grade anodized aluminium light head that optimizes head dissipation and protecting LED electronics and optics
    • Constant current LED driver
        • 3 modes
          • 25% pwm
          • 50% pwm
          • 100% pwm
    • Piezo switch
        • Solid stainless steel body
        • Sealed to IP69K
        • Easy to clean metal surface
        • Long life (million cycles)

    • Adjustable laser cutted stainless steel goodman handle
    • Nickel plated IP69K rated brass cable glands

    • Aerospace grade anodized solid aluminium canister body and lid
    • 11,1 V 10500 mAh Li-ion battery pack with integrated BMS system
    • Dual o-ring protection
    • Gold plated banana plugs
    • Stainless steel Nielsen latch

    • Sealed battery compartment with pressure release valve

    • Every light is tested at 20 bar (~200 meter) for 60 minutes

    • Dimensions
        • Canister d70x240mm
        • Light head d56x90mm
        • Weight ~2.7 kg
    • With drysuit heating port

Mistral XM-L2 optical performance